Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On the trail

So my busiest season at work officially kicked off today with an 11 hour day. I was pretty beat by the time I got home (after 6), but I planned a training ride for tonight, so I sucked it up and hit Wissahickon for a roll on the singlespeed. My legs were pretty beat up after a run yesterday evening -- my first time running in over three years, that is. Planter Fasciitis and heel spurs kept me from running at all. I've felt better this year, though, so I wanted to try running up on the balls of my feet. It was doable, but my calves have been killing me since -- probably went a bit too far for the first day. But, whatever -- it was time to ride!

The trail was a little icy in some sections, but completely rideable. A little grooved out from frozen tracks here and there, but otherwise good. I started pretty slow -- I mean. really slow -- but I picked up about 7 miles in. Still wasn't hammering, but averaged about 8 1/2 mph for the second half. Felt pretty good once I started moving (and got blood flowing into my feet and hands again!) Here's the Garmin breakout:

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