Monday, January 17, 2011

So far the training is going okay despite the uncooperative weather in the area. Got out yesterday for a nice long snow-ride in Wissahivkon. I was out on Thursday night and it was more or less unrideable down there, so I was taking a chance that I'd have to ride the river path along Kelly Drive instead of an actual off-road ride. But it turned out to be really great conditions, save for one or two spots that were soft and loose. I brought along the Contour to film some of the ride -- don't have my Garmin right now because it got corrupted and had to be sent back for a warranty replacement after I upgraded the software. Still don't know what happened, but it was under warranty, so I'll just take the new one.

So far: the fitness goals are coming along as planned. My weight is right around 161 lbs. right now which is a step in the right direction. I'm keeping a calories-in log and will be measuring calories-out as soon as I have all the devices I need (ordered an HR monitor for gym workouts because I can't find my old one, which I forgot about after i got the first Garmin.) I'll keep it on a slight deficit for now and see how it all works out and try to balance later when I hit goal weight. I'm enjoying the measuring of it all, but it's a lot of work to keep up with food weights and portion sizes all the time. But like i said, going well so far. This week, I'll start posting daily weight and calories by day. I expect fluctuation, but I'll be curious to see how predictable it is (that is what you get when you have a statistician do something like this, I guess.)

Anyway, here's the clips from yesterday's ride:

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