Friday, March 18, 2011

A great week

Got a lot of opportunity to ride this week. I was out Tuesday morning on the trail in Philly, Wednesday and Thursday night on the road locally, and tonight on the trail again. The weather and the conditions were more or less ideal all week.

Not much else to add. I pushed pretty hard on a shorter ride last night (didn't have much time, and I wanted 25 miles, which is tough to do during rush hour in this area.) But I felt pretty good and was able to hold around 22-23 mph for a lot of the ride. Average speeds are lower because I wasn't looking to push climbs last night, and I was shutting down speed everywhere but on the straightaways. It was a good ride

Thursday night:

I had a really great ride tonight. It was awesome! On an interesting side-note, I flatted for the first time ever on my 29er tonight! A nail went right through the top of the tire on a descent. It was a weird puncture, but this was the first time in over a year of riding I had to use my spare tube! Didn't do a thing to diminish the ride, though.

Friday night:

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