Sunday, March 6, 2011

Post-training week ...

Okay, so I am now at the end of my week off, and I think I had a good week. The totals were acceptable, if not spectacular. I rode a bunch of road miles, and quite a few off-road miles (all singlespeed.) More importantly, the only day I didn't ride was Monday, and that's because it was pretty much raining all day, and I knew the rest of the week was going to be nice. I had some pretty good road rides. Friday I rode to Princeton from Lansdale and back. That's a great ride. The ride up 518 is pretty good hill training, and the wind never let me feel like any part of the ride was easy. Just what I need right now!

Wish I could just train this week, too, but reality once again intrudes. Back to work tomorrow. But I'll still try to ride everyday from now on, even if only over my lunch hour!

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