Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back in the (singlespeed) saddle.

Got out for a ride last night and tonight. Totally different rides. I was still waiting on my new brake pads for the SS, so I took the OCLV out. I hooked up with Sean and a few of his friends, so it was more of a leisurely ride than a training ride. It was fun to do something different, but tonight I got back out on the SS for a real training ride. It was great weather and a perfect night to ride. The only standout element of the ride was that the trail above Kitchens Lane was blocked. As in no access -- a new cut of trail led me up to Westview Ave, but I didn't know how to re-access the trail without following the road back to Kitchens Lane, so I turned around and rode back to the sewer pipe crossing and took the lower trail back to Kitchens Lane. Technically, I think that trail is off-limits to mountainbikers, but I didn't really know my way through that neighborhood, and I wasn't about to get lost. Here's the ride:

That little hook near the bottom of the loop is where I rode out and then turned around.

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