Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goodbye March ... don't let the doorknob hit ya!

This week sucked ass. In just about every way you can imagine. It started out well - I got out for a few really good rides early in the week, including the "tour of Philly" ride as I like to call it. I rode both Wissahickon and Belmont Plateau for close to 30 miles off-road on Sunday. And the day before, my wife and I went to a friend's wedding in the afternoon, so I did my training in the (very cold) morning. All this was fine, and so was my ride Tuesday night. I forgot my lights and so I had only about an hour and a half to ride, but I hammered as hard as I could and I got all the way around the loop. It was actually too dark to be out by the time I finished, but my eyes adapted as I went I guess because I didn't notice how dark it was until I was done.

So why did the week suck, then? Because once I finished the ride on Tuesday night, I started to feel kind of crappy. Joanna had been sick since Sunday (she wasn't feeling great at the wedding, either) so I knew what was coming. When Joanna gets sick and then I get it later, it always plays out the same way -- she gets the sniffles, I get Ebola. And she had a full-on cough and sinus thing, so I knew it was going to be crappy. It sucked. From Wednesday through Friday I just kept getting worse and worse. Friday, I had a coughing and sneezing fit that lasted a full hour. I was exhausted afterward. And then I got a headache so bad I went to bed at 7 and slept 12 straight hours. Light was painful.

So today, I finally felt well enough to go out and do a short ride. I got about 15 miles in, and every one of them hurt. Because I was on my ass for four straight days, the act of moving and sitting on a bike really made me ache. My back and arms were killing me (surprisingly, my legs felt fine) and every time I'd try to blow snot out my nose, it was so thick it just came half out all over my face. Then I stopped for a moment and had a coughing fit that left me dry-heaving.

Yep. Not a great week.

I'm happy to see March end. Between shitty weather, rough conditions, and getting sick, it's been a less than ideal early season. Please let April average 70 and sunny and dry!!!!

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