Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting back in the saddle ...

The Krame

I had an appointment to ride along as Joanna took The Krame to the vet for a check up Tuesday night because The Krame isn't a big fan of the vet. The Krame prefers not to go, but if he must, he appreciates moral support. So if I wanted to ride I had to go before work. That meant waking up around 4:30. Not my favorite thing to do, but if I have to get up, might as well be to ride.

Took the camera along to try to catch a sunrise, but there were too many clouds. It's cool to have the entire park to myself, though. There are a bunch of folks who run there pretty much every morning (I've never been there in the morning when I didn't see them), but they must stick to Forbidden Drive because I never see them on the trails -- only in the parking lot at the Inn.

Climbing up to meet the sun

Sun Rising over the top of Twisty-Turny

Quiet Morning Singletrack in Philly

Two Roads diverged ...

All in all, a great way to start the day!

As a follow-up, I went out on the road tonight. It was a decent ride, but really windy, and colder than I expected. I did wear a long-sleeve base layer, but I was still a little cool, It didn't bother me so much. The wind, however, did. I hate riding inthe wind on the road. Hate it. I wish I had my camera tonight, though, because as I was riding out Keller's Creamery Road, there was a storm off to the west and it was pretty cool to see -- I could see the line of precipitation moving across the sky toward the southeast. A little slow, and my left knee isn't perfect right now (feels weak and shaky all the time right now and I'm not sure why), but I had a good time tonight. Wasn't trying to hammer. Just trying to stay loose for French Creek on Saturday.

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