Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time Stand Still ...

Summer's going fast, nights growing colder ...

This past Sunday, I drove out to Lewis Morris State Park in central New Jersey for the Lewis Morris Challenge, one of the races in the H2H Series out of NY/NJ. I haven't been doing any races in this series this year, but I have done pretty much every one of them at some time in the past. One thing they all seem to have in common is a typical east coast technical element to the course. I had never done the LMC before, but I had heard that it was one of the few exceptions -- that it wasn't technical and it was super fast. The only wrench in the works was that this year the course would be run in reverse from previous years. And apparently, that fact alone could change the outlook of the race.

I let my past go too fast, no time to pause, if I could slow it all down ...

Well, I can say that one thing was definitely true -- it was a fast course. I'm pretty sure that on a gear bike, I finish the 18+ miles in under two hours. But as far as the course being less than technical ... ummm, not sure I'd agree. In fact, it might be one of the rootiest course I have ever done. There was plenty of climbing, but all that was pretty much over in the first three miles of the lap. It was the roots in the latter parts of the course that wore me down. There was a section near the end of the course -- before the final push for the finish -- that was a completely flat run over a whole bunch of roots. That was the section that killed my day. I was running a 20 for my rear cog, and I think that was fine for the climbs -- I saw a few other guys walking climbs I was scampering up. But I just couldn't run the flats with the other guys. They'd pull away when the course flattened out, and because of the roots, I couldn't even put a real cadence push into it. The last time I went through that rooty half mile or so, I felt like I was going backwards. One guy I was chasing put me away during that section and the toll it took on me trying to minimize my losses ultimately cost me another two spots.

Tough day. I didn't break the top ten. Very disappointing.

I let my skin get too thin, I'd like to pause, no matter what I pretend ...

In fact, right now I am very tired. I've been racing more than usual this year, and now I am trying to get ready for the Shenandoah 100, and to be honest, my legs are pretty hollow at the moment. I got out to ride this morning and tonight, and while I always love getting in a double ride day, I think it illustrated more than anything else that I need to get off the bike for at least a few days. Maybe more. I'm not real good at doing that. It'll be a challenge. But I have to be ready to do 100 miles on my SS in a few months - something I've never done - and I'd rather not work against myself. There's going to be enough other factors working against me. So I'll have to do it. Now, that said, I still have a long ride to do this weekend, but I think that's fine. I'm going to get some rest, see how I feel on Saturday (riding with a few friends) maybe I'll do the long ride and maybe not. I'm not exploding myself again -- at least not until my next race (The Fairhill Classic 50 MIler.)

I'm not looking back but I want to look around me now ... See more of the people and the places that surround me now ...

Anyway, I did get out and ride twice today. This morning, I hit Wissahickon for a sunrise off-road ride:

Up with the sun in Philly

Still a little dark, but this is part of the new section off Kitchen's Lane

The Misfit takes a rest ... understandable: most bikes are still sleeping at this hour

The fun new step downs coming off the Lincoln Drive overlook

Part of the ongoing reconstruction work in the Wiss: the way this thing looks you expect to see E.T. pop out

Then tonight, after work, I hit the road for short ride. I really had nothing fro this ride. So I figured I'd turn lemons into lemonade and take a few more pictures of the beautiful areas I get to ride here in SE PA.

This is the new Souderton High School -- it opened a few years ago. This place is huge. More than a mile just to ride around the driveway.

The sign says it all ...

A Farm House along Moyer Road in Souderton

Running next to the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike north of Lansdale

So, we'll see how it all works out. Right now, I'm going to slow down for a few days. You know:

... Before I start off again, driven on without a moment to spend, to pass an evening with a drink and friend ...

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  1. Just found your blog. Good stuff! I really enjoyed the Time Stand Still entry. Rush is my favorite band and I have always loved the lyrics in this tune.

    Glad I found this as I also ride and had no idea there were trails over at Nockamixon. I will have to get my bike (currently geared but going to single speed as soon as I can) over there one of these days.