Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fair Hill Fryer ...

Hot day. Hot ride.

I'm off this week, and after a really, really rough ride on Sunday, I finally felt strong enough to ride again today. Sunday was tough. I did a road ride that blew me up about 62 miles into a 65 mile ride. I felt dizzy and my whole body cramped (worst of all, my abs cramped. Man, does that hurt!) Anyway, because of that Monday and Tuesday were lost days. So today, in the middle of the worst heat wave this year, I headed out to Fair Hill for a steamy ride.

Ultimately, I got about 23 miles. Felt pretty good, too. It was boiling hot, but I drank an entire Camelbak plus one and a half multi-hour bottles of Perpetuem in just under 3 hours. I also sweat off probably 8 lbs. I don't mind the heat, but I have to be careful because I tend to cramp very easily because I sweat a lot. So I as long as I stay on top of electrolytes, energy and water I should be okay. I think I need more than the average person my size because I do sweat so much. When I bear that in mind and pay attention, I'm usually okay (like today.) When I don't, I'm really not okay (like Sunday.)

Tomorrow: back to Blue Marsh!

The Misfit was happy to get out, even if it was for a boiling hot and humid sun-drenched ride ...

After being scorched out on Sunday, these legs managed to hold it together today.

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