Friday, July 15, 2011

I am bugged ...

I used my summer hours again today to head out to French Creek in Elverson. The drive out was a pain in the ass -- apparently, my car decided to shit the bed and hit the red zone anytime I went below 30 mph. Not a problem except I was stuck in traffic most of the day. I had to keep the windows down and the heat on to keep it from overheating. Turns out, my oil is leaking, so he engine is running super hot. Boo! Not a fun drive.

Anyway, I made it to French Creek, and then ... bugs. I mean ... bugs. I absolutely covered myself in bug spray and it didn't matter. Every time I'd slow down or stop, I was assaulted by thousands of flies. It was awful. They were everywhere. I;ve never seen that many bugs swarming at once, and I couldn't escape it no matter what I did, unless I moved fast. That wasn't an option on some of the climbs, so, while I wouldn't say I had a bad ride, there were parts that were anything but fun.

As anyone who has ridden there knows, French Creek is all about the rocks. It separates it from other rides in the area. And it's more than a generalization ... the rocks at French Creek are for real!

The start of the ride is scenic but immediately technical

"On the Rocks at French Creek" is a well-named race

This was a section I'd never ridden before, but it was a really fun downhill. Unfortunately, it ends at the bottom of the park with only a road to bring you back up

The ride home was another heat-filled slog. But at least I could fly down 422!

Doing 90 on an open road!

All in all, not an ideal day, but I still enjoyed the ride. It's a tough ride, but it's what PA mountainbiking is all about. Gotta love the rocks!

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