Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meh ...

The Fair Hill 50 ... what can I say? I'm not going to dwell on this because it's not really a fun thing to think about. The race itself was epic. The course was insanely fun and I actually felt pretty good all day. Tired toward the end, but good. I completed the first lap at a pretty slow but steady pace. I think I could have done better on that lap, but I actually got hung up behind a train of riders from the open men's field. The staging of the race was Open Men went first, and then the rest of us -- Master's Men, Women, and us singlespeeders -- went off as a group 3 minutes later. I fell behind my group at the start but then rode steady and was picking off riders pretty regularly. I ended up pacing off one of the faster women but then both of us got hung up behind some of the slower men form the Open field in the singletrack and we had to just sit in. Ultimately, I passed them, but I probably lost about 10 minutes because of their pace. No biggie. I finished the lap and was feeling pretty good in the second ... and then I took a wrong turn and cut the course. I still don't know how it happened -- I thought I followed every sign -- but apparently I wasn't the only one. So I ended up with a 44 mile DNF instead of a 50 mile finish. Oh well. It sucks.

So I got back out for ride Tuesday morning to loosen my legs up and brought along the camera for a few more morning shots. I like morning pics, apparently.

Early Morning Commuters pass by the Lincoln Drive side of the park

Sunrise over singletrack ... not a bad way to spend a morning

Either way you ride this section - up to the left or up to the right - it's all loose, technical and UP!

Finishing the ride along the Wissahickon Creek

And tonight I got out for a really great ride in Wissahickon again. The temps were lower than they've been lately, and even though there were tons of bugs, they didn't bother me at all. I kept a good pace and pulled about 22 1/2 miles in just about 3 hours (counting more than 10 minutes of down time for a stop at my car halfway through the loop.) Just a perfect ride - nights like tonight are why I love to ride.

Up next week: Off from work, big miles!

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