Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maintenance ...

So tonight I was going to do a short criterium ride with Joanna around the perimeter of Souderton HIgh School, but it rained so we didn't go. Joanna hasn't been riding much the last couple of years because of injuries and issues with her feet, so I wasn't about to ask her to do her first ride in a couple of months in the rain.

Anyway, I decided to clean up the Misfit tonight instead, so I brought it inside, threw it up on the stand and gave it a bath. After I cleaned the drivetrain, though, I noticed that the rear brake had a hop in it -- it would skid a little on every revolution. SO I took off the rear wheel and took a look. And when I pulled the pads, this is what I saw:

Look at that caliper. How the hell does that even happen? It must have been rubbing the rotor itself. That's all I can figure. And the pads are a little whipped, too, aren't they? Not totally gone, but down to the last quarter of a millimeter, I'd guess. So tomorrow I'll have to pick up a new set of brake pads before my training ride in the evening, which means I'll start later than I planned once again ... as Charlie Brown always said, "... *sigh* ..."

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