Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rain on me ...

Been a while since I posted. Part of that is because I've been spending most of my free time training. And when I'm not training, I'm working. Just hit a really busy time of year at work.

My training for SM100 has been going along, and I did my "big" ride last Sunday. That's actually another reason I haven't posted since then -- I've been trying to recover my Garmin file for that ride. It was an 8 hour 70+ mile ride out at Blue Marsh, but I think the gpx file is corrupted. I can't get it uploaded.

It's a shame, too, because it was a good day overall. I would have ridden further, but I ran out of drinks -- which is a better reason to stop than what has been stopping me most of the season. That's right -- no cramps this time! Actually, the fact that I stayed ahead of my nutrition is probably why I ran out of drinks earlier than I thought I would. That's okay, though. At the end of the ride, the sky opened up, and I mean biblically. For the last five miles of my ride, I was in a torrential rain. The sky was black with lightning strikes every five seconds. And you know what? It actually felt pretty good. It had steadily been getting hotter all day, and by the 55th mile or so, my body was on fire when I went through an open field. That rain dropped the temperature about 15 degrees. It was nice! And the distance was just what I needed. As of now, I'm in full taper mode.

Overall, I'm really nervous about this year's race. I haven't been healthy all season -- my cramping issues have been pretty bad this year, so this race is ambitious. I think I'll be okay, but to be honest, I don't know. I'm going to just have to take it one pedalstroke at a time and accept that it may be a really long day. I'd love to say I'm going to kill it, but reality won't allow me to be so bold. Guess this is just going to be one of life's little mysteries!

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