Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two rides for the price of one chain ring ...

About a week ago, I suspected my OCLV was once again trashed because of a BB issue. Well, I brought it to my LBS and they took it apart and couldn't find a break, so they cleaned it up and put it back together, and the noise was gone. I picked it up this week and figured I'd give it a good test today. My plan was to do about 80 or so miles. That's two full loops and a third where you bypass the trip over the ski mountain by cutting the trail off at Old Church Road. So I got up at 5:00 a.m. and drove out to Bernville. Everything started out great -- the bike was running nice and smooth. And I turned over a 29 mile lap in just over 3 hours and was still feeling loose and not the least bit tired, like I'd have no issue with another two laps if I kept up with feeds and drinking.

But with about 4 mile to go, I shifted into my granny to climb the short, vertical climb just past the 25 mile marker and I heard a jingling sound. I had been having some mis-shifts for a few miles, but nothing awful. But when I looked down, I saw that my big ring was off-line, and when i touched it, it was very loose -- I had lost two chain ring bolts somewhere along the line (I guess they weren't tightened enough after the BB was cleaned.) Since I didn't have extra chain ring bolts lying around in my car, that pretty much killed my long Blue Marsh ride after 29 miles.

I figured, though, that since I had planned to do a long day in the saddle and wouldn't have been home until later anyway, I might be able to at least salvage something if I headed home, swapped the OCLV for the Misfit and headed down to Wissahickon to get another 20.

Ultimately, I totaled only about 50 miles for the day, well short of my original plan, but the ride in Wiss was tough -- my legs had to wake up again after an hour and half in between finishing the ride at Blue Marsh and starting Wiss. But I actually felt really good pretty much all day, which hasn't happened in a while. At the end, I was feeling the last few climbs, but I actually kept a pretty good pace down there all day. If I can't get the 80 I wanted, I'll take this .. lemonade from lemons, I guess.

Ride Number 1:

Ride Number 2:

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