Thursday, November 3, 2011

The gods are angry ...

So this week, I must have inadvertently incurred the wrath of the bike god Singlespeedicus.

Last Saturday, of course, we were snowed on. In October. I figured it was an opportunity to bring my bike in to my LBS and get some much need maintenance done on my White Brothers fork. It had been leaking a little oil lately - I figured it was a worn out seal or something. It wasn't. One of the stanchions was sort of rubbed raw almost all the way through. (I guess some grit or something must have gotten in there.) So what was supposed to be a routine maintenance turned into a complete overhaul (as a best case scenario) or a new fork altogether (worst case scenario.) And here's the worst part: even if I could get it repaired cheaply, it would take a few weeks. I have Cathedral Pines in two weeks - not having my Misfit is not an option. I had to consider just cutting my losses and going for a whole new fork. I've spent a lot of money lately on home repairs, so the idea of dropping eight or nine hundred bucks on a new suspension fork wasn't at the top of my list of things I want to do.

So obviously I must have seriously pissed off Singlespeedicus. I don't know what I did but there must have been something.

But then I started thinking - I need a fork now. I don't want to buy a brand new suspension fork right now. So ... Cathderal Pines is a pretty tame course - why not go rigid? I did a little mental calculation - a new rigid carbon Niner fork goes for about $400 (and I'd have it in only a week or so.) My repair wold max out at that much. So even if I did both, I'm still below the cost of a (good) new suspension fork, and I'd gain more options. Bonus.

So what do you think? Should my wise choice assuage the anger of the gods? It is a beautiful fork ...

Niner Carbon Fork

Now if only I can hold off the winter ...

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