Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recognition ...

I don't have any photos to post this time, so sorry about that. The best I can do along those lines is to link to this very cool video, which does a pretty awesome job of capturing a flow at a place I thought I knew well. Maybe I take it for granted or maybe I'm just too dense to see it without the help of others, but watching that video makes me appreciate what I have out my back door (relatively speaking) all the more.

Yesterday, I met up with a group of folks form NJ for a ride at Wissahickon. For me personally, it was an amalgam of old and new. The ride was completely familiar -- I ride the loop at Wissahickon three or four times a week -- but, aside from races, I've only ridden with this group once before at the Misfit Recall Ride.

We met up at the parking lot near the Valley Green Inn at 10:00 Saturday morning, and after some organization issues (a few of the riders who were supposed to join us apparently went to Nocamixon Park about 40 miles away instead), we were under way. We started out with about ten or eleven riders and climbed up to Summit Ave before proceeding counterclockwise toward Lincoln Drive. Ultimately, after completing the southern section of the park below the Inn, we cut across and completed the full loop as a figure eight by heading to Bell's Mill on the west side of the Wissahickon Creek. The total ride was about 19 miles.

All of that was the familiar. What made the ride new was, first, that I had a chance to share a place I know with a group that did me the same courtesy a few weeks ago in NJ. And I also got to meet a few people in person I previously knew only by their online personas. As I've said before, since I began riding, I've mostly ridden solo. This was mainly because it was easier to coordinate just one schedule than trying to match up several. But I really enjoy the camaraderie of group rides. And those folks from Jersey are a really fun group.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

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