Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playing guide once more ...

Winter Saturdays where the mercury hits 60+ with sun and rideable trails are almost like an overture from nature to put aside other activities or obligations and break out the bike for a good, long, leg-burning ride. Today was that kind of day.

I had been PMed on the MTBNJ to meet up with Brain and his brother Pat from NJ for a ride at Wissahickon. hey had never been there before and were hoping to have a guide along to prevent their having to figure out all the turns on their own. So I met up with them at the Inn around noon or so and we headed out for a loop.

Brian (left) and Pat at the overlook  above Lincoln Drive - these guys can ride!
The conditions were awesome - maybe a few muddy sections here and there, but complaining about a little mud on a 60 degree day in January would be like complaining that the Bentley you were given for free was in the wrong color.

Those NJ guys could ride and we had a blast doing a figure-8 lap heading counter-clockwise on the southern section and clockwise toward Bell's Mill. I have to admit it's been pretty fun showing fellow riders our local stomping grounds over the last month or so, and it's given me a new appreciation for the Wissahickon Valley and all it offers. And in this particular instance, it turns out that the guys I was riding with grew up very close to me and we even went to the same elementary school (until I transferred) and then the same high school! Small world!

At any rate, even after we'd finished the loop, Brian and Pat had to hit the road to get to a family function, but I wasn't ready to quit so I headed back out for another 8 or so miles. when you have a day like today, it's hard to see it end, and as tired as my legs were after a full week of actual training (as opposed to just riding), I decided I wanted to enjoy every second I had on the trail.

A few shots from a near-perfect day in the Wissahickon Valley ...

There were tons of people all over the park today - on the trails and on Forbidden Drive.

These folks got lucky for a January wedding!

 As the shadows fell, the temps still hovered around 60 and the trails still beckoned!

But despite the 60 degree temps, there'd been enough cold weather this week to make some pretty large ice blocks ...

... And a few hearty ice flows still clung to rocks along Forbidden Drive

Tired legs - a reasonable price for a spring day in January!

A near-perfect day!

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