Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Rides and 40 degree mudfests ...

After Saturday's snowfall (about 3 inches in this area), I got a chance to ride on Sunday afternoon. It was a perfect day for a snow-ride -- the snow was well packed by hikers and other riders, and it was cold enough not to become slushy or slow.  Under the right conditions, a snow ride in Wissahickon can be easier than a regular ride -- with just the right amount of snow packed down by earlier users, it is as if someone placed a carpet over the rocks, largely smoothing out a trail that is otherwise rock-strewn and loose. They don't occur often, but Sunday was one of those days. I had a great time!

But like all cold weather spells this winter, it didn't last. By Monday afternoon, most of the snow was already gone as temps were once again hovering around 50. I have no problem with this, but with the associated rain, it meant the trails were possibly going to be off limits for a few days.

Despite sun on Tuesday, I knew the trails would be soggy and unrideable, so I stayed home and rode my rollers for an hour or so. I've been going to the gym before work everyday, and trying to fit in some saddle time after work as often as possible. If it's not off-road, it's on-road, and if it's not on-road it's on the rollers. Whenever I can.

Tonight, it was back to the trails. They were a little muddy, but totally rideable. And I squeezed in 19 miles before 9 p.m. It was another near-perfect winter night ride. I felt good and was able to push a pace when I wanted to. The mud kept me slower in some sections, and I was on the OCLV (haven't gotten my hub back yet) so I didn't feel my usual SS flow, but all in all, it was a great night o be on a bike - even one with gears!

Not a bad week, so far. Tomorrow and Friday, we're expecting more rain, so I will be back on the rollers or maybe just in the gym tomorrow.

Long live training season!!

Until next time ...

"Keep on keepin' on ..."

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