Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hub Delays and Snowy Days ...

It was a pretty busy week at work, and Friday was the busiest day of all, and ultimately I barely made it home in time to change and run right back out for my yoga class. Of course, the one thing I had been counting on - had been promised, in fact - was that my rear hub would finally be waiting for me when I got home.

It wasn't.

It's been a long time since I rode the angry bee sound

This fact really pissed me off. More than it should have, perhaps. But the back story on this at least partially justifies it, I think. I sent my rear hub in for some work on a return authorization back in the middle of January. At the time, I was told that it would be back to me within 5 to 7 business days. That put it coming back to me at the beginning of February at the latest. But the weeks passed by and no hub. I finally called the customer service line after a week of waiting and was told that they couldn't find my part. But then a few moments later I got a call back and was told it was on the desk being repaired at that moment and that I would have it back within a few days. Another week goes by and no hub. So I called back. At that time, I was told they hadn't shipped it because I had to pay the $25 maintenance fee. I told them I had no issue with paying, but asked why they hadn't notified me that they needed payment before it was shipped. They told me the phone number they had was apparently wrong. (They still had my email address, though, so I'm still wondering why I never heard anything - I mean, if I hadn't called, it would have still been sitting there in the factory right now.) So, fine. I paid the fee over the phone and the CSR told me I'd have it within the week. So on Friday, eight days after I paid the fee, I still hadn't received my hub back and that was the last straw - or so I thought. I called the customer service line and was put on hold while they searched for the tracking number. And I was left on hold, with no word from anyone, for over 10 minutes. That was it. I hit the roof. I called the line and left an angry message asking them to call me back. They didn't. So after I got home, I called back. And finally I got a straight answer. The CSR I dealt with this time gave me the routing number, explained that the latest delay was a result of shipping delays due to snowstorms in the midwest, and told me what the re-scheduled return date would be (Monday.)

So hopefully that settled it.

You know, I was really pissed off by the whole experience and decided I wouldn't deal with Chris King again. But the more I thought about it ... I don't blame the company for this. I mean, yes, my experience with their customer service wasn't great this time, and I suppose I could look at that as a reflection on the company as a whole. But I don't want to do that. I'd rather chalk it up as one bad experience. I mean, this was a fairly routine repair on an otherwise fantastic hub. I rode that thing to death in every kind of condition for two years, and only now had the first adjustment. Considering that, I'd give the company the benefit of the doubt. Nowadays, I'd rather do that. Times are tough. This is a minor inconvenience in the greater scheme of things, and maybe it's time to give the people that provide the means to do what I love a flyer when things don't go exactly how I want.

So, anyway, my weekend started off on a bad note, but I knew today would pick up because I was getting out for a ride. However, what I didn't plan for was the snow squall we got here today.

On the way into the park, visibility was really low due to a blinding snow squall
I didn't let it stop the ride, but getting ready in the lot was a pain in the ass because I couldn't leave the doors of my car open without a ton of snow blowing in. As I started the ride, the snow was pretty bad - I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me, and my glasses were soaked and making what sight lines there were even more blurry.

But the snow actually only stayed around for about ten minutes of my ride. After that, it was just a little cold, muddy and very windy. It's rare that I feel wind when I'm out in the woods, but I definitely did today, and I saw a few trees blown down as well. The ride itself was actually really great.

A bit muddy and wet, but no complaints from me!

A ride that started in a snow squall ended in sunshine

A little slow going in the mud, but mostly just a lot of fun.

As usual, a good ride changes the face of a weekend that didn't start well

I finished the ride feeling really good, and then spent the afternoon with Joanna out in KoP. We had lunch at the McKenzie Brewery and then just hung out together the rest of the day. And thats my favorite kind of day!

Tried a new beer at lunch - Collide-a-scope is a mix of IPA and Belgian styles. It was  awesome!

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