Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Living Daylights ...

There are very few things in this world that make me quite as happy as getting out of work in the afternoon and going for a ride in daylight. Such a simple, stupid thing - the clocks turning ahead one hour - and yet, it can instantly change the face of the work week for me. And when you add 75 degree temps in mid-March ... well, something about pigs and excrement comes to mind.

Tonight was indistinguishable from a typical mid-May day
 There was one slight drawback to the unseasonably high temps today, though - I felt pretty lethargic for a good while before I was able to shake it off and push a little bit. My initial goal for the night had been to do some intervals -- hill repeats or all out sprints on flats. But I found out pretty quickly that the best I could manage would be a steady pace at around LT. I just didn't have the push tonight (in part because of the relative heat and in part because I've been getting headaches at the end of the work day since last week when I lost my eyeglasses. I have a new pair coming, but they have't arrived yet, so I'm squinting and losing focus for nine hours at a time as I work at my desk.)

It actually worked out pretty well, though. I felt good after a while and got faster as I went. So what started out as just a ride ultimately did turn into some training in the end. Especially in the last half hour or so, when I was racing the sunset to get in a few more miles without needing a light.

After 7 pm and still no need for lights
I finished up pretty tired, pretty hot, and smiling ear to ear.

The last section of the ride tonight ...
I enjoy riding at night (especially now with my new lights.) But it's not the same thing as a post-work ride in early evening daylight. There's just no comparison.

I freakin' love this time of year!

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