Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Ahead ...

We're really being spoiled here in the mid-Atlantic region this year. The cynic in me keeps thinking that we'll pay for this in a big way at some point - maybe monsoon rains in April, boiling humidity in July, or - I don't know - locusts in August. And you know what? I don't care. I'll take it. It'd be worth it for the weather we've had all winter.

Anyway, it was another perfect day for a ride in the region, and after doing spring cleanup on the lawn yesterday, I planned to get out for a long ride today. So I headed down to Middle Run in Delaware because, first, I've never had a bad day on the bike there and, second, I've never done the entire park in one ride, so that gave me a goal for the day.

I ended up riding about 42 miles for the day, and did it at a pretty good clip. The ride started out with temps around 45 and eventually climbed up over 60.  I rode every part of the park, and a few sections twice. I really like the Chestnut Hill trail over on the Judge Morris Estate area, so I rode that twice. It's got a great flow and it's super fast on the back side.

There were a lot of other riders out today, which sort of stood to reason. Really, if you own a bike and didn't ride today, you really missed out.

Next week: Sugar Hill, the first race of the season and more importantly, the start of vacation!

The "V" word makes me smile ...

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  1. Cheers to spring! Can't beat this awesome weather...happy riding!