Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coming Back to Life ...

There's a song from Pink Floyd's 'Division Bell' called "Coming Back to Life", and it begins with the line "Where were you ... when I was burned and broken?"

That line could easily have been written by my legs this week. I've experienced the cramping effects of dehydration before, but what happened Sunday seems to have been something more. I couldn't walk or bend my legs from Monday through Wednesday. Usually, I cramp up and it means a day, maybe two, where I am pretty uncomfortable. But this week, today was the first day I was able to move at all and even now my legs still feel a bit tight and uncomfortable. And this is all despite the fact that I've been drinking water pretty much 24-7 since Sunday night.

Last night, I went to my chiropractor and had a massage, and only after the massage did my calves feel like they could move at all. And the masseuse told me it took a good five minutes of concentrated effort just to get the muscle to release at all.

So I can imagine my legs addressing my brain -- the same brain that missed signs and didn't notice that I was going deeper and deeper into an unmarked forest -- and asking that question.

But as of tonight, I actually did finally get out for a recovery ride. I went down to Wissahickon and plotted out a concentrated route devoid of big climbs just hoping to loosen my legs up. And in large part it was mission accomplished. I had a good a time, did a little bit of climbing, and managed to feel about as good on the bike as I could considering how I felt earlier in the week.

Right now, my legs are still a little shaky and I don't expect to feel loose and open on the bike for a couple of days yet, but it was a start. And that's good, because I'm only just over a week out now from the race where last year I had the most fun of any all season -- Singlespeedapalooza! I finished 6th in a really big field last year, but I lucked out because the terrible conditions made it a free for all and I just got out to a good start. This year, it could go any way. And I don't even care. I love the race because it's a really fun day and it's very well done and the vibe among the racers is totally laid back. Just a great day and no matter how it turns out, I'll be happy I did it. But I needed to be sure I could actually do it, and the way my legs felt on Tuesday, even though it was almost two weeks away, that seemed in jeopardy.

I kept the ride pretty much steady and smooth tonight

So I'm happy that I felt good enough to ride today (note to self: massages are freaking awesome!) It was a painful last few days (especially Tuesday), but it looks like now I'm finally "coming back to life".

The first time this week this face didn't mean "Oh God! Get me some Ibuprofen!"


  1. Glad you are feeling better! I'm having a hard time recovering from the Bakers Dozen. Glad to hear I'm not the only one having difficulties this week. Good luck at SSAP next weekend. I opted OUT of that race this year. After 2 years of crap weather I'm calling it quits. But it is a fun race with fun people. Wishing you the best of legs & weather.

  2. How bout this one from Pole Apart-Hey you...did you think that it was all going to go right for you? I am recovering from a kidney injury and concussion from my splendid 6th lap meeting with mother earth. Shame too, my legs feel awesome. Blake (Sandie's man) and I still finished with 19 laps and 3rd.