Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rallying ...

Today was the PMBA "Rally in the Valley" at Wissahickon. Somehow, I completely missed this fact all month. In fact, I planned to ride Wiss this morning and was surprised to see the lots all full when I arrived at 9:30.

As usual, the turnout seems to have been really good. This is a great event and I'm sorry I didn't support it this year. I saw one large group being guided at one point -- there were probably 20 riders following a  guide. It's always cool to see those kind of guided rides -- it's like you get to see new riders in the making. And that's awesome.

Personally, I seemed to be riding int he opposite direction of all the Rally riders.I passed a whole bunch of them throughout the day and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I ended up fitting in about 23 miles at a pretty good pace. And I felt really good doing it. And last night, I got out for an evening loop at Nocamixon with Marathon Tim and Dr. Craig. Both rides were in picture perfect conditions. So I didn't expect to get one good ride this weekend with all the rain in the forecast, and I was right -- I got two!

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