Friday, May 18, 2012

New Trail Feature in the Wissahickon ...

All day at work yesterday, all I could think about was that I planned to ride after work. It was just one of those kind of days - lots to do at work, but it was all kind of mindless drone work, so I was kind of just going through the motions and planning my ride all day. I knew the weather was going to be perfect ...

... and I planned on a long training ride. I've got the 12 Hour Granogue Race coming up in June, and I've got The Stoopid 50 right on its heels the next week, so I need to be riding longer miles now.

But about halfway through the day I got an email form Joanna about a new feature in the Wissahickon ... rabid raccoons! The authorities had captured the one that bit the person in the bathroom, but they were warning park users that there could be more. So in addition to rocks, roots and other technical features, I had to keep an eye open for a foaming angry critter hellbent on ripping my face off. Good enough!

In actuality, as soon as I started the ride, I forgot about it altogether. It was just a perfect night. If an insane Procyonid wanted to have at me, so be it. Perfect conditions outweighed the risks!

I ultimately ride for about 3 1/2 hours and needed my lights before the end of the ride. I finished with a little over 30 miles and a huge smile on my face (which apparently was not ripped to shreds by a foaming masked garbage picker, so bonus points for that!)

I rode every inch of the park including the Spaghetti bowl and repeated about 8 or 9 miles total. It was a perfect ride and I felt great.

The rebuilt section near the bridge between Kitchens Lane and Lincoln Drive

The Spaghetti Bowl ... Danger of falling 40 feet but at least no rabid critters!

Look out! Ferns!!

The sun goes down on a great ride in the valley

And next up: big miles this weekend!

Get out and ride!

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