Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interim ...

The title of this post references the fact that this is sort of a quick post before I get into a longer one I've been planning to do for a while now. I kept thinking that should be the next one I do, so I haven't posted anything in a few days because I've been going over that one in my head. It's nothing big - just something that occurred to me while I was riding one night last week. I spent a few hours riding and thinking about it, and figured it would be a fun post here. It's all an opinion thing and ecveryone would probably think of it differently, but that's kind of what makes it cool. But it does require some time to put it all together, so I kept putting it off. At this point it's been over a week since my last post, though - hence, the interim post ...

So what's been going on? (Seriously, that's a question - feel free to reply! I always love hearing the stories of other riders!) For me, it's been a little bit of riding, a lot of working, a few home projects, and one milestone!

I've been on the bike as much as possible the last week. I just uploaded my Garmin and there were ten rides on there from the last two weeks. Not too bad. I do need to remember to charge that damn thing more often, though - I was on a really great 28 mile ride in Philly last night when it conked out about 3 1/2 miles from my car. It kind of sucked because I was shooting for +9 mph for the whole ride at Wiss and I ultimately made it, but had to hustle on the last few miles and now I have no record of that. Oh well. The other day, I got out for a morning ride in Philly. I love riding in the morning on week days. It's a hassle to get it all set up the night before and I usually try to be at work really early, which makes it tough to do one regularly. But I always feel better all day long when I actually get up and go. And the conditions were perfect on Tuesday, too -- low 60's the whole time and I met the sunrise just as I reached the Lincoln Drive overlook.

As far as racing goes, the last one I did was the Granogue 12 hour. I'm currently in third place in the series, having lost one spot for not going to Stoopid 50, but I'll see if I can keep myself on the podium at Fair Hill. That race has snake-bitten me twice in the last two years (one DNF for stomach issues, one DSQ for missing a turn and cutting the course.) We'll see if I can come up with a new way to blow it this year! But before Fair Hill, I've got one of my favorite races of the year:

Did the inaugural one last year and had a blast -- super fun course, great atmosphere, just a really fun time. So even though I'll have a late night this Saturday, I'll still make the trip up there Sunday morning to line up for it. It's totally worth it!


Work is work. I'd much rather be independently wealthy. Let's move on.

Home Projects

Basically, I've been trying to keep up with an invading lawn and it seems like a Sysiphean effort. It's working out, but it's amazing how this great weather really encourages everythign to grow, grow, grow. It seems I really shold mow it more than once a week at this point (which will never happen, by the way.)

I've also been migrating all of my devices to "the cloud" (actually, iCloud.) I have just two days to finish it, whcih is no problem, but this turned out to be a bigger hassle than it's probably worth. I had to cycle through two operating systems (Snow Leopard and Lion) for both my early 2008 iMac and my late 2010 Macbook (at a cost of $30 for each upgrade.) But on the iMac, because it's early '08, I also had to upgrae the RAM, which meant tracking it down (the Apple Store in KOP doesn't even carry DDR2-800 memory chips anymore) and manually installing it myself. I ultimately got it done, but what a PIA. I did it all for one reason, too: to migrate my iTunes so I can use the same account on any device (it's currently only on my iMac, but now I should be able to access my library on the iPhone and the Macbook as well.) So just to have that convenience, I ended up spending a few hundred bucsk and  several hours total tracking things down, installing and migrating apps and files, etc. I hope I don't run into any of the problems others have had with Lion, too -- that will piss me off!


This past weekend, Joanna and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary! I can't believe it's been five years! It doesn't seem that long at all. Best five years of my life, though! We've had a whole bunch of stuff happen over these five years -- a lot of house projects, some health stuff, some big personal events for both of us (mine often around racing, her biggest was probably going through EMT certification) and we said goodbye to the great Staniel J. Morrison, the most human-like and crotchety animal anyone has ever met (his facial expressions were more emotive than most people I know.) It's been a great life together so far and seems to get better and better every day! We celebrated with a low key day-off on Friday and then a trip to the beach in Spring Lake, NJ on Saturday. Not a big exciting time, but it was perfect -- just what we wanted to do!

Anyway, that's pretty much the majority of what's been going on. I'll start working on my other idea soon. Just need to sit down and piece through the various fragments that are already in my head. Until then, enjoy the ride!

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