Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy busy busy ...

"Busy... busy ... busy ..."

Just a few days before I leave for Vermont for SSUSA. I had a few things to do this weekend, but I also really wanted to get out and ride. After last week's race, I was hurting early this week and didn't even think about getting out to ride until after Wednesday. I had family plans on Thursday night, and Friday night is a yoga class (much needed), so the weekend was really the first chance I'd have to ride since Fair Hill. I didn't much feel like driving too far away, so I planned to head down to the old stand-by Wissahickon both days this weekend.

On Saturday, I headed down for a 25 mile ride. I got out pretty early, and wanted to hit every single bit of single track the park had to offer. I was feeling pretty good after more or less a week off the bike (I did ride the rollers earlier in the week, but that was more to break up whatever was burning inside my legs.) I felt pretty good all day -- it was hot but never oppressive and my legs felt really good.

Then this morning, I got up really early to get in a ride because I had a lot of other stuff I wanted to get done. My lawn needed a lot of TLC after the recent heat waves so I planned to spend some significant time working on the lawn and wedding the gardens we had put in a year ago. It's amazing how quickly the weeds can get away from you if you don't stay on top of them. I also wanted to clean out my car -- it really was starting to stink on the inside because of sweaty helmets, gloves and all that mud form a full season of riding and racing. The ride itself was great -- I pushed a little more than I have recently and felt pretty tired by the end, but the whole time I was out on the trail I was feeling good. Oh, and I even saw my friend Charlie out on the trail today (which was nice because I'd seen on FB that he just recently got married, so I got to offer my congratulations!) I hadn't been over to the Spaghetti Bowl in a while, so I rode that section, and did the thing in about 20 minutes, which might be a PR for me (not sure since one of the sections has been re-routed -- the new part may be a bit easier than the old.)

View of Lincoln Drive fro the Spaghetti Bowl
The trail on that side of Lincoln is a bit overgrown right now, but still totally rideable. All in all, I had a good ride and was done by 10:00, which was great because I had a full day ahead of me at home.

When I got home, I had one thing to do before I got started on the lawn -- watch the end of the Tour. And it was actually a great end, too - Cav crushed his competition with an all-out blitz down the straightaway on the Champs Elysees. And Wiggins, the below jersey, took the first lead out roll. How cool is that? The yellow jersey worked for his teammate to deliver a stage win on the last day!

Ultimately, I spent the rest of the day doing lawn work and cleaning out the inside of my car. The whole thing took about six hours and I was exhausted but he end of the day. A totally productive weekend, and all I had to do was keep moving from 7 am to 5 pm -- and who can't do that??

Next up: VACATION!!!!!! I leave for Vermont Thursday morning. I can't wait!!

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