Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dark Day at Darkhorse 40 ...

Rather than sound like a broken record at this point, I'll just say quickly that Sunday's Darkhorse 40 did not go well for me. Heat again. Meh. 

But I did have a good time even with the suffering. And I finished, which is a departure from my last two races (not counting SSUSA, of course!) I love riding at Stewart. I'm starting to doubt the wisdom of doing so with a rigid fork, but I still love it. It's just so damn fast and fun to ride there. I stopped at the beer rest stop all four times I passed it. The last time I wasn't really in the mood for a beer and i asked for water, but the water was warm and the beer was cold, so I did the sensible thing and had a fourth beer. I have to admit it was tough to care about how I did in this race. Not sure why. I got a bad start off the line and basically watched the field take off from the back, and when it came time to ride fast, I couldn't. I just had no killer instinct on Sunday. The fact that my body shut down in the heat again is probably secondary to that - I wasn't going to do well on Sunday no matter what. Whatever. The "season", as it were, is pretty much over for me. 

I'm going to take some time off, and I'm going to talk to some pros about what I might be able to do to fix this whole sucking ass in the heat thing. First, I'm going to (finally) talk to my doctor about my asthma. My lungs are scorched after this weekend right now and I felt like I was breathing through a wool sock the whole day. That always happens to me under hard efforts, and it's time I stopped being an idiot about it. I'm also going to speak with a nutritionist. I probably should have done that a while ago, too - not even just for riding. My family health history is a horror story, so I should be very careful with the things I can control since genetically I'm a ticking time bomb.

Anyway, that's all I've got on Sunday's race. I will be back for it - it was a lot of fun - but right now I'm going to enjoy riding a bike for the sake of riding a bike for a while and forget about having a number on the front. I'm also going to give my bike a little TLC. It's BB is creaking and I need to get the hub cleaned up.  Seems like we're both ready to take a little rest!

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