Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend in September ...

It's been a while. I'm not really sure why - I guess I just haven't had much new to say. Actually, I think it has more to do with a general lack of motivation lately.

I've actually been pretty busy so far this month. Work has been picking up - we knew our "crunch time" for the year would be hitting between now and October, and it certainly has.  And, after Labor Day, I started back at the gym. Actually, I started at my new gym. A year ago, my long-time workout home shut down amid some controversy. After that, I joined Philly Sports Club, but it never quite felt like a good fit. So now I'm on gym #3 in three years. I like it so far, but I am having more trouble than I expected re-adapting to the schedule. Because I like to leave my evenings free to ride, I always work out before work, and since I prefer to start work at 7, that means I'm up at 5 and at the gym before 5:30. The added wrinkle of my bike commute on the fixie this year has made my weekdays feel pretty like I'm constantly on the go. Basically, I wake up, ride to the gym, do workout for about 45 minutes, swim a bunch of laps in the pool, bike from the gym to work, shower and get to work. All before breakfast. Then I ride home after work, and either do an MTB ride or yoga in the evenings.  And I only take one day a week off (and that only because I stay up to watch SoA on Tuesdays, which doesn't end until 11 and I just have no desire to do my whole morning routine on less than 6 hours sleep anymore.) So, anyway, that's been keeping me busy.

I have managed to fit a few other things, though, as well over the last few weeks:

  • I read Tyler Hamilton's book. Good read, but a hard dose of reality for anyone who believes in the integrity of the pro peloton. It paints a harsh picture of Armstrong, for sure, but it also doesn't claim he was the worst offender. He was just possibly the smartest (and wealthiest.)

  • Joanna and I attended the Lansdale Bike Night (actually, Lansdale Bike Afternoon for 2012) last weekend. And now we're both thinking getting more bikes (only this time with a motor - does that still count as N+1????) I'd need to do the full course -- I've never ridden anything more powerful that YZ-80 dirtbike when I was a kid. There were a lot of great bikes there, though -- some pretty sweet custom stuff and some obviously well-ridden old timers. It's a very cool show:

Slightly modified, but the Harley Nightster 1200 is my favorite ...

  • I also managed to fit in a few rides, including one really wet one the day before Labor Day out at Blue Marsh. Here's a shot of what it looked like as I was starting out:
It only got wetter from here ...

  • Also got out for a really nice night ride this week - that's definitely one positive to the Fall: night rides!!
Notice the indicator light on my MagicShine is red - used up the full charge for the first time this season!

  • Finally, I rode over to Bucks County this morning to check out the Bucks County Classic, a professional race that took the place of the old Univest Grand Prix. I knew exactly where I wanted to check out the action -- at the top of the KOM climb on Wismer Road. Wismer is a great, tough climb with about two separate steep pitches to it, and I was curious to see how quickly the pros did it. I wasn't disappointed. Congrats to eventual winner, Patrick Bevins of New Zealand.:
I reached the race course just a the cars were coming through for the first lap.

From the KOM banner, a look down the climb.

The end is in sight!

The riders on lap 2

The hill really spreads out the peloton

The line stretches on for almost the whole length of the road

The cars are crawling behind the riders up that hill.
So, while it's been a busy couple of weeks, there has been time for some fun, too. And tomorrow, I'll get out to test a new gearing for the SS (first time I'll ride a 17t), so, hopefully, the fun will continue!

See you out on the trail!

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