Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wildlands Adventure Race

Team Tryad:
(L to R) Craig Hall, Tom Peterson, Tim Nash, Ann Lombardi, Dan Maialetti

I took a break from my usual Sunday of doing my own long ride and worked the support crew for my friends Dr. Craig ad Tim and their 5 person co-ed entry, Team Tryad, in today's Wildlands Adventure Race at Blue Marsh Lake. It was a nice change of pace to be a part of a race that involved no suffering on my part!

I had a lot of fun setting up their transitions and hustling between each of the 4 checkpoints to make sure everything was ready before they arrived. I worked with one other guy and we were responsible for making sure all their gear was ready and swapped out as quickly as possible. There was a canoe leg, a bike leg, a half-bike/half-run leg and a final run leg. Each section contained various challenges as well. For instance, when each team came out of the water at the first checkpoint, they had to balance two buckets of water on a two by draped across the canoe and then carry the whole thing for about 50 yards without spilling any water. It was a very cool race.

They had to carry the canoes across the field at the start and then up a very steep hill ...

... before eventually hitting hte first water section

Team Tryad had a great race -- they won the co-ed and overall for the 5 person category. They all worked really well together. It was lots of fun and a privilege to be a part of their effort!

They had a perfect day for an adventure race!
I had a great time today -- and, sure, it would have been nice to be able to do my own ride on such a perfect day, but honestly that never crossed my mind while I was out there. Sometimes it's nice to mx things up!

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