Friday, October 5, 2012

N+1 ... again ...

2013 Ibis Hakkalugi!

So ... yeah ... I mentioned a while back that I had a few things I was excited about. And this is definitely one of them ...

I've had a great last two months -- added not one, but two new rigs to the stable! Back in the end of August I picked up my commuter bike, a Specialized Langster fixie. I've been riding it to work ever since.

And then today, I picked up my brand new 2013 Ibis Hakkalugi cross bike. I picked it up from Evolution Pro Bike Shop in Buckingham. Ordered it a week or so ago, and it was ready for the trail/road/whatever I want to ride it on today. Evolution's owner, Scott, built it up for me. The man is an artist. This is the second bike he's built for me (my road bike, also an Ibis, came in 2010) and I basically just let him do whatever he feels is good with the build. There are a few modifications on this ride from a "stock" Hakkalugi:

It's built up as a 1X10
42t up front, 12-28 on the rear
Bars are FSA and I went with an upgrade on the components from Rival to Force 

Other than those changes, it's mostly stock. I did get Ritchey pedals -- they clear crap a little better than Shimano and are slightly lighter, too. Oh - and I stayed with the cantilever brakes ... gotta stay true to the 'cross!

I was joking on Facebook last week that I was going to buy this bike expressly for Ironcross this weekend, but the truth is I had ordered it a week earlier. I'm probably going to use it more for gravel road and rail trail rides - maybe some cyclocross races - this bike deserves that! I have really been getting into the idea of gravel riding, and I love Ibis bikes, so getting this rig became a no-brainer to me over the last few weeks. I haven't even pedaled it yet and I already love it. It's a gorgeous friggin' bike.

Ultimately, I think I'll probably look to do a big gravel race next year -- maybe the Gravel Grinder up in Vermont -- love Vermont! -- although since Five Hills just closed its doors, not sure if that one will happen again. I certainly do hope it does -- George really knows how to put on a race! If it doesn't  happen, then maybe I'll have to think about taking a trip to one of the biggies - like Dirty Kanza or Trans-Iowa -- definitely some day anyway ... I'm looking forward to hunting down some of the rail trails and gravel roads in my own area - up in Lehigh, out in Lancaster, and tomorrow I'm eeting up with a friend to ride the Heritage Trail out of Glen Rock (we'll go to Towson, MD and back - I'd love to go all the way to Baltimore, but my buddy isn't a regular rider and I think Towson is about as far as I can expect from him - this time ...)

Anyway, there it is: the latest addition to the family. A beautiful, functional work of art!


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