Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lucking out ...

Before Hurricane Sandy hit this week, the warnings and pre-storm coverage were all you could see and hear about on the tv, internet and radio. I don't usually get too caught up in the irrational panic that these sorts of things lead to. It seems that no matter what is forecast, people always over-react and go way overboard on canned goods, batteries, etc. I don't know why, but I had a funny feeling this time and decided to at least make sure we had the basement as secure as we could get it.

Turns out that wasn't such a bad idea. Hurricane Sandy was even worse than advertised. Actually, not for us ... we lucked out. A few power flickers and a few downed branches, but no flooding, no property damage, and no blackout at all. The same can't be said for most others in the area -- here in PA, I have a lot of friends and co-workers who are without power and will be for a while yet. And in NJ? Total damage in so many areas. My family lives in Jersey about 5 miles from the beach, and while they didn't have any flooding, they haven't had power since the storm. And even they seem to have been lucky in this thing. Anyone who lives along the beach south of Monmouth County is possibly homeless at this point. And the amusement areas and summer tourist areas are more or less completely gone. It's going to take forever to rebuild it all, if they even can.

Belmar, NJ (photo: Asbury Park Press)
Union Beach, NJ (photo: Asbury Park Press)

I grew up just a few miles north of Belmar and Union Beach. It's hard to see places you knew as a child completely destroyed. I wonder how many of the friends I knew back in the day are impacted by this.

After the storm, I took a ride around Lansdale to survey our own damage. In the context of what is happening in NJ, we really, really got off lucky. For those in the area who are without power, it may seem like that isn't the case, but I rode around every square inch of this town and this is the worst damage I observed:

Some uprooted trees, some downed power lines, and a window or two broken. Not ideal, but a lot less than it could have been.

In light of all this, I should consider this week a success, but unfortunately I have had a minor setback since my last post. Right after my last post, I went to get in a swim and during one turn in the pool, I popped a rib in my back. It had me more or less laid up as far as workouts go ever since. And with the storm, I was unable to get in to see Dr. Craig for some help. I just finally got in to see him tonight, and for the first time all week, I'm able to move without pain. So I kind of had a terrible week workout-wise, but hopefully now I can get back to the gym. And tomorrow, I'll get back on the bike to ride to work for the first time this week. Finally!

Anyway, there was one piece of good news in all of this. This week, I got this in the mail:

New Dopers Suck jersey ... released a week ago. There are about four more 2013 designs I'll be picking up, but they aren't available yet. I may have an addiction here ...

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