Saturday, August 10, 2013

New things ...

Next weekend I'll be in Minnesota for SSUSA, and since I've never flown my bike anywhere before (when I have done rides on vacation, I always rented from an LBS in the area), I picked up one of these:

Trico Iron Case

I had to have my rear wheel rebuilt on the Niner, so I was riding the Misfit all week. I'm taking the Misfit to Minnesota, though, so as soon as I got the Niner back, I packed up the Misfit -- I didn't want to take a chance that my general stupidity and ineptitude would create problems closer to when we have to go. Turns out, it wasn't that hard (I'm sure a lot of you will shake your head and say of course it was easy, but you really shouldn't under-estimate my ability to mess up something like this.)

Pieces & Parts during the packing

Used a lot of bubble wrap for extra protection

Debated removing the disks, but decided to wrap them up instead

Front wheel

I was skeptical that this would all lock down, but ...

... the final product -- a tightly wrapped and protected case!
So now I'm all set (bike-wise!) for the Minnesota trip. I just hope it doesn't end up in Bolivia!

And packing up a bike wasn't the only new thing this week - today I headed out for a ride in Wissahickon, but did it in a way I never have before: I left the car at home altogether and rode the whole way down there, did the loop and then rode home again.

I've wanted to do this ride for a long time, and this weekend seemed like a perfect opportunity -- on the one hand, with the heavy rain we got yesterday, I was worried that the trail would be too muddy to ride, and if that were the case, I'd still be guaranteed a good long ride. And the weather was just about perfect, with lower humidity (except in the woods!) compared to the previous few days.

The trip down was about 18 miles, most of it on fairly low traffic roads. Just about a mile or so was on Route 73 and Bethlehem Pike, which are more or less highways, but even on those I had a decent shoulder to use. I came into the park off of Bell's Mill Road, rode the trail clockwise all the way and then headed back home the same way I came. My total mileage was just under 56 for the day, and my legs felt great start to finish, although second time up the climb into the meadow on Twisty-Turny reminded me that riding Wissahickon is all about short, punchy climbs. The ride back on the road was smooth once I got over the first part of Bell's Mill (coming out of the park and hitting that climb on a singlespeed is an eye opener -- a bit more brutal than I was expecting.)

The total elapsed time was about 5:30, which was perfect - I ran out of water with only a couple miles to go, but I was already heading up Church Road in Lansdale at that point, so I never had anything to worry about as far as dehydration goes. It was hot all day, but my new "hydration system" form Osmo was up to the task.

So far, Osmo hydration has worked really well for me -- easy to drink and tastes really good
So not a bad day on the bike -- I'd love ot put this together and add the Schulykill trail to the Perkiomen Trail to a ride home through Salford and Hatfield someday, but that'll be well over 100 miles, so I'll have to be sure I have the time and fitness before I even think about doing that.

Wide shoulders on Morris Road

Blue Bell and Whitpain ... how the other half lives ...

Mandatory "selfie" on the road ...

Wiss rocks!

Cruising along the dryer-than-expected trail

The farthest point form home -- at Lincoln Drive

Rest stop at the Lincoln Drive Overlook

Above Wises Mill Road

Feed zone of Champions!
(Seriously, these was my best options at the snack bar -- and, yes, the salty chips were awesome)

Fort Washington State Park on the ride back

Even with a torn up shoulder, still plenty of room for a bike!

Mandatory minion pic ...

A very cool stable in Whitpain ...

Possibly the busiest section of the ride traffic-wise,  but easy to navigate

Parking for the Wissahickon Watershed Greenway Trail - unfortunately, no bikes allowed!

The preserve lands along Stenton Ave

I've been to a few work functions here -- nice place!

Getting closer to home

Joanna and I like to have lunch here sometimes -- great specials and service!

Post-ride refueling with Joanna at Porterhouse in Buckingham